What Our Clients Are Saying About RBS

We serve our clients, both physicians and hospitals, in a professional, ethical and dedicated fashion, with special attention to their distinct objectives and goals. We take pride in having become “trusted advisors” to hundreds of radiologists and hospitals.

But don’t just take our word for it – here is what some of our clients are saying:

“RBS was instrumental in helping Altoona Regional Medical Center reorganize our struggling private radiology provider into a strong, high quality, strategically aligned hospital partner. With superb integrated hospital based services ARHS was in a great position to complete our affiliation with UPMC, becoming UPMC Altoona in 2013.”

Ron McConnell

Chief Operating Officer, UPMC Altoona

“We have had an on-going relationship with RBS since the inception of our practice. They first came to our hospital as consultants and evolved into organizers for our new group. Once the group was formed, RBS was an invaluable source of knowledge to help with contracts, hospital negotiations, legal services, billing issues, accounting services, and work flow. As the group matured, we were able to scale back services that we could do ourselves, while utilizing their expertise for predicting major trends and changes that they were seeing nationally to keep us ahead of the game.”

Larry Neustadter, D.O.

Chairman, Regional Diagnostic Imaging, LLC

“RBS was instrumental in developing, organizing and then managing Lexington Radiology from its inception. LRI is a unique practice in which the practice is owned and the physicians employed by the hospital but we operate and practice medicine as if we were a private practice. Our physicians have autonomy where desired and we enjoy a secure and excellent relationship with our hospital and administration.”

Peter James, M.D.

Chairman, UPMC Altoona Radiology

“What makes RBS different is the real fact that they’ve been in the trenches on both sides of the equation. The group is made up of radiologists and former hospital administrators who offer business-minded and partnership-oriented legal expertise. While we didn’t always hear what we wanted to hear from RBS, their ability to see both sides and offer opposing perspectives allowed us all to create a true win-win agreement.”

Rob Cercek

Regional President, Rochester Regional Health System

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